Pandora's Lunchbox: How Processed Food Took Over the American Meal (Paperback)

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If a piece of individually wrapped cheese can retain its shape, color, and texture for years, what does it say about the food we eat and feed to our children?
Former "New York Times" business reporter and mother Melanie Warner decided to explore that question when she observed the phenomenon of the indestructible cheese. She began an investigative journey that took her to research labs, university food science departments, and factories around the country. What she discovered provides a rare, eye-opening--and sometimes disturbing--account of what we're really eating. Warner looks at how decades of food science have resulted in the cheapest, most abundant, most addictive, and most nutritionally inferior food in the world, and she uncovers startling evidence about the profound health implications of the packaged and fast foods that we eat on a daily basis.
Combining meticulous research, vivid writing, and cultural analysis, Warner blows the lid off the largely undocumented--and lightly regulated--world of chemically treated and processed foods and lays bare the potential price we may pay for consuming even so-called healthy foods.

About the Author

Melanie Warner is a freelance writer who has covered the food industry as a staff writer for the New York Times.
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ISBN: 9781451666748
ISBN-10: 1451666748
Publisher: Scribner Book Company
Publication Date: February 25th, 2014
Pages: 279
Language: English