Desmond Pucket Makes Monster Magic (Hardcover)

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Meet Desmond Pucket--master of mayhem Will his monster-y special effects pranks get him kicked out of middle school before the class trip to Crab Shell Pier? Or will Desmond be able to keep his monster magic in check?
This is a compelling new character that kids will love
"Tatulli's entry into the comics/fiction--hybrid market is one of the best The target audience will snap this up and beg for more."
---"Kirkus Reviews" (starred review)
"This is full of ghoulish fun, and fans of "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" probably won't want to miss it."
---"School Library Journal"
"Desmond Pucket neatly fills a gap for our readers---it's a step more sophisticated than "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" but appeals to that reader. It's also so great to have a Halloween/monster/scary stuff series to offer boys that is not Goosebumps."
---Rebecca Waesch, Children's Product Manager, Joseph-Beth Booksellers
Meet Desmond Pucket---professor of frightology and master of monsters.
Someday Desmond will be famous for his special effects wizardry, but for now he's just trying to make it through sixth grade at Cloverfield Memorial Junior High, which means he needs to stay one step ahead of the school's disciplinary officer, Mr. Needles.
The only problem is Desmond just can't stop pulling pranks---like the time he attached a shrieking rubber goblin to the toilet seat in the teachers' bathroom. Mrs. Rubin screamed so loudly her wig flew off Or the time he put giant motorized worms into the mashed potatoes in the cafeteria. Or the time Desmond and his best friend, Ricky, arranged for a three-headed ghost to crash his sister's slumber party. Rachel still hasn't forgiven him.
And now Desmond has to stay prank-free for the rest of the year, or he won't be able to go on the class trip to Crab Shell Pier, home of the Mountain Full of Monsters ride It's going to be tough, but Desmond has to try.
This book includes a section of "Desmond's Notes": instructions for making monster magic (think scary noises, or fake blood) at home

About the Author

Mark Tatulli, who was first known for his "Heart of the City" comic strip, took on "Lio" as an outlet for his dark and twisted humor. In addition to his cartooning experience, Tatulli is also an accomplished filmmaker and animator, and is the recipient of three Emmy awards for his television work. Mark currently resides in New Jersey with his wife, son, and two daughters. His children are the true joy of his life and the inspiration for much of his comic artwork.

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ISBN: 9781449435486
ISBN-10: 1449435483
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Publication Date: October 1st, 2013
Pages: 233
Language: English
Series: Amp! Comics for Kids