The Darwin Experience: The Story of the Man and His Theory of Evolution (Hardcover)

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Celebrating both the bicentennial of Charles Darwin's birth and the 150th anniversary of the electrifying publication of On the Origin of Species, here's the story of the man and the theory that opened a new chapter in the history of sciencetransformed into an engaging interactive experience that invites readers to unfold natural selection, evolution, and their challenging implications just as Darwin's contemporaries did a century and a half ago.
The year 2009 will definitely be Darwin-centric, with major museum exhibitions, international symposiums, and much more, all scheduled to commemorate the double anniversary of a great scientist and the opening volleys of a controversy that still sparks debate and curiosity. Combining science, travel, culture, and history, this book is an elegant, richly illustrated volume that offers not just hundreds of full-color photographs but also a trove of removable facsimile documents that bring the subject alive.
These fascinatingly diverse memorabilia include letters, maps, photographs, sketches, newspaper articles, and more, providing telling glimpses of Darwin's life as never before, from his early expedition aboard the Beagle to his meticulous, seemingly arcane research in the Galapagos Islands to the practical observations and theoretical conclusions that won him a pivotal place in the history of science.

About the Author

Dr. John Van Wyhe, historian of science at Cambridge University, is the founder and director of The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online and Member of Council for the British Society for the History of Science.
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ISBN: 9781426204739
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Publisher: National Geographic Society
Publication Date: October 20th, 2009
Pages: 64
Language: English