Connecting to God: Ancient Kabbalah and Modern Psychology (Hardcover)

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Distinguished rabbi, marriage and family therapist, kabbalist, and popular lecturer, Abner Weiss is extraordinarily qualified to write this book. In "Connecting to God," he elucidates the teachings of Kabbalah, showing how the Ten "Sefirot" of the Tree of Life are the transformers of divine energy in our bodies and the building blocks of creation Weiss calls them our spiritual genome.
He has created a psychological system and diagnostic method from kabbalistic texts, and he uses these clinically tested interventions in his therapeutic practice. Here he tells twenty-eight stories of people he has helped liberate from their dysfunctional behavior, empowering them to achieve spiritual growth. With Rabbi Weiss as our guide, we can use this kabbalistic approach to psychology to inform our lives with its insights, rebalance what is out of kilter, and heal the emotional wounds we have suffered. "Connecting to God" is a wise, wonderful, and transformational book.

About the Author

Abner Weiss is a clinical member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and a member of the American Psychological Association. He was senior rabbi of Durban, South Africa, the Riverdale Jewish Center in New York, Beth Jacob Congregation of Beverly Hills, and the Western Marble Arch Synagogue in London. He has held professorships in Jewish thought at the University of Natal, Yeshiva University, and London University and has served as chief judge of the Rabbinical Court (Beth Din) of Los Angeles, president of the Board of Rabbis of Southern California, and vice president of the Rabbinical Council of America.

Rabbi Weiss has studied Kabbalah since 1965 and given lectures on it in North America, South Africa, Australia, and England. He lives in Los Angeles and is rabbi of the Westwood Village Synagogue and copresident of Village Mental Health Associates.

Praise For…

In Praise ofConnecting to God

“An elegant and compelling introduction not only to what Kabbalah is, but how it can transform and elevate your life. The stories drawn from Rabbi Weiss’s rabbinical and life experience are simply extraordinary.” —Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, author of Jewish Literacy and The Book of Jewish Values

“When I began to read this book, I was deeply skeptical of Kabbalah. By the time I finished it, I had gained profound respect for its insights into the human soul. It is the first book to make sense of the Sefirot, which I had always dismissed as arbitrary and irrational. Rabbi Weiss has done a superb job of making difficult concepts accessible.” —Rabbi Harold S. Kushner, author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People

“A hallmark of genuine, authentic wisdom is that it can be spoken of in plain terms and translated into practical applications to everyday life. This is precisely what Rabbi Abner Weiss has achieved. Connecting to God is both informative and transformative. Blending instruction and the uplifting stories of changed lives, this book is a treasure that will enrich everyone who reads it.” —Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Healing Words

“A major contribution to a field of growing importance; a book whose quality, integrity, and wisdom shine forth.” —Mark Cohen, Ph.D., cotranslator of In the Shadow of the Ladder:Introductions to Kabbalah by Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag

“A beautifully woven synthesis of Kabbalah and psychology, written in a lively style and format that is sure to attract a wide audience, not only among the devotees of mysticism but also those pining for life’s meaning.” —Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center

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