The Ethiopian Experience in America (Paperback)

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This book presents a detailed description of the life experience of Ethiopian refugees and immigrants in the U.S. based on extensive personal experience, interviews, observation, and research. It will surely stimulate others to do more research, compose more writings, or simply pay more attention to the immigrant plight and adaptation in America. The book reviews why, how, and when Ethiopians came to live in the U.S. It boldly exposes the root causes of their escape from Ethiopia, and it offers a variety of Ethiopian experiences from refugee camp life to permanent resettlements. The book concludes with brief assessments of Ethiopian returnees' life in their country. It is a memorable, thorough portrait of the Ethiopian immigrants in the U.S. You, the reader, will remember with awe this ancient land considered by many to be the "cradle of civilization." As such, learning how its people, politics and places evolved is truly pertinent to everyone's history.

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ISBN: 9780974493541
Publisher: Allwrite Publishing
Publication Date: January 23rd, 2008
Pages: 370