King of the Chicanos (Paperback)

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Both heroic and tragic, this novel captures the spirit, energy, and imagination of the 1960s' Chicano movementa massive and intense struggle across a broad spectrum of political and cultural issuesthrough the passionate story of the King of the Chicanos, Ramón Hidalgo. From his very humble beginnings through the tumultuous decades of being a migrant farm worker, door-to-door salesman, prison inmate, political hack, and radical activist, the novel relates Hidalgo’s personal failures and self-destructive personality amid the political turmoil of the times. With a gradual acceptance of his destiny as a leader and hero of the people, this impassioned novel relates the maturation of one man while encapsulating the fever of the Chicano movement.

About the Author

Manuel Ramos is an attorney in Denver and the author of four previous novels. Director of Advocacy for Colorado Legal Services, he also teaches in the Chicano Studies Department at Metropolitan State College, Denver.
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ISBN: 9780916727642
ISBN-10: 0916727645
Publisher: Wings Press (TX)
Publication Date: March 26th, 2010
Pages: 178
Language: English