Hell to Pay (Paperback)

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Meet Chesney Arnstruther. Once a mild-mannered insurance actuary, now a full-time crime-fighting superhero, it's all he can do to kick bad-guy ass while at the same time holding down a steady relationship with the gorgeous Melda. Something is going on.

Meet Xaphan, wise-cracking demon and the source of (almost) all of Chesney's powers. He's been asked by his infernal master to give Chesney whatever he needs... but surely stopping bad guys is not in Hell's plan? Something is"definitely"going on.

Meet Arthur Wrigley, a modest yet charming older gentleman whose nasty little hobby is fleecing innocent widows. Meet Simon Magus, ancient mystic and magician from Biblical times now very much enamoured of Vegas, baby. And pray you never meet the Chikkichikk, a proud and ancient race of, well, warrior dinosaurs, from the universe that God made then rejected before He started monkeying around with this one. Whatever the hell is going on, this is definitely the third book in the wondrous To Hell & Back series.
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About the Author

Matthew Hughes is Senior Lecturer in Military and International History at the University of Salford, where he directs the BA degree in Military History. A specialist on the war in the Middle East, he is the author of a book on the Palestine campaign, Allenby and British Strategy in the Middle East, 1917-1919, published by Frank Cass in 1999.
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ISBN: 9780857661630
ISBN-10: 0857661639
Publisher: Angry Robot
Publication Date: February 26th, 2013
Pages: 332
Language: English
Series: To Hell and Back