13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey (Paperback)

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Jeffrey is the mischievous "something" that has headquarters in the Windham home in Selma, Alabama. He first made his presence known in October 1966, and since then he has continued, at irregular and infrequent intervals, to clump down the hall, slam doors, rock in a chair, frighten the family cat (now deceased, through no fault of Jeffrey), move heavy pieces of furniture, cause electronic equipment to malfunction, and hide objects. He frequently accompanies Mrs. Windham on her travels, and tales of Jeffrey's antics are widely recounted.

About the Author

Kathryn Tucker Windham is the author of the popular Jeffery ghost story series for children, and makes frequent appearances at storytelling festivals throughout the Southeast and around the nation. She lives in Selma, Alabama.

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ISBN: 9780817303761
ISBN-10: 0817303766
Publisher: University of Alabama Press
Publication Date: August 30th, 1987
Pages: 120
Language: English