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"The Tragedy of Arthur" is an emotional and elaborately constructed tour de force from one of the best writers in America ("The Washington Post"). Its doomed hero is Arthur Phillips, a young novelist struggling with a con artist father who works wonders of deception. Imprisoned for decades and nearing the end of his life, Arthur's father reveals a treasure he's kept secret for half a century: "The Tragedy of Arthur, "a previously unknown play by William Shakespeare. Arthur and his twin sister inherit their father's mission: to see the manuscript published and acknowledged as the Bard's last great gift to humanity . . . unless it's their father's last great con. By turns hilarious and haunting, this virtuosic novel, which includes Shakespeare's (?) lost play in its entirety, brilliantly subverts our notions of truth, fiction, genius, and identity, as the two Arthurs the novelist and the ancient king play out their strangely intertwined fates.
A "New York Times" Notable Book A "New Yorker" Reviewers Favorite of the Year A "Wall Street Journal" Best Novel of the Year A "San Francisco Chronicle" Best Book of the Year A "Chicago Tribune" Favorite Book of the Year A "Library Journal" Top Ten Book of the Year A "Kirkus Reviews" Best Book of the Year One of Salon's five best novels of the year
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About the Author

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Praise For…

“[Balances] a moving story of familial and romantic love on a deliberately unsteady fictional edifice . . . [an] exuberant chimera of a novel.”—The New Yorker
“Splendidly devious.”—The New York Times Book Review

“Wily and witty . . . an engrossing family saga [with] sparkling and imaginative prose. Shakespeare would applaud a man who does him so proud.”—The Boston Globe
“Arthur Phillips has found the perfect vehicle for his cerebral talents: his ingenuity; his bright, elastic prose; and, most notably, his penchant for pastiche—for pouring his copious literary gifts into old vessels and reinventing familiar genres.”—The New York Times
“Devious and exhilarating . . . an irresistible family drama bundled into an exploration of fraud and authenticity.”—The Wall Street Journal
“A circus of a novel, full of wit, pathos and irrepressible intelligence.”—Minneapolis Star Tribune
“The story of a family that is Shakespearean in several senses . . . [The Tragedy of Arthur] contains literary echoes of Nabokov, Stoppard and even . . . Thomas Pynchon.”—San Francisco Chronicle

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ISBN: 9780812977929
ISBN-10: 0812977920
Publisher: Random House Trade
Publication Date: February 21st, 2012
Pages: 382
Language: English