Ttyl (Paperback)

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Now in a rack-sized paperback--a funny, smart novel that follows the friendship of three tenth-grade girls as they experience some of the pitfalls of adolescence. Young Adult.

About the Author

When Lauren Myracle was thirteen, she spent hours lying on her bed, staring at the cracks on her ceiling and wishing so hard to be magic. She wanted to bend spoons with her mind, talk to her sister telepathically, and rearrange her molecules so she could walk through walls. She wanted fairies to leave gumdrops on her windowsill. She wanted well-known paths to unexpectedly lead to mystical lands and times. She also wished she would grow up to become a writer and that part came true! (Which is not to say the other parts didn t. . . .) She s written many books for tweens and teens, including the bestselling Winnie Years series and the Flower Power series. She lives with her family in Colorado, and she thinks life is the most magical adventure of all.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780810987883
ISBN-10: 0810987880
Publisher: Amulet Books
Publication Date: April 2005
Pages: 219
Language: English
Series: Internet Girls