Nasty, Brutish, and Short: The Quirks & Quarks Guide to Animal Sex and Other Weird Behaviour (Paperback)

By Pat Senson, Bob McDonald (Introduction by)
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Birds do it, and bees do it, so do all animals, some of them in weird and wonderful ways. Quirks & Quarks' latest book explores the more bizarre behaviours of more than 100 creatures, from barnacles to Panda bears.
The tiny spider that has to tear off one of its two huge sex organs just to be able to get around; the sea slug that produces a powerful love drug and mates with both males and females; the bedbug that stabs its penis into the female's abdomen -- the range of animal sexual practices is mind-boggling. And it's not only reproduction that has them doing very strange things. There's a beetle that shoots a stream of boiling hot, toxic liquid when it's threatened; a lizard that can run on water; a shrimp that explodes its prey.
Quirks & Quarks' latest guide is much more than a catalogue of peculiar practices, it's an engrossing look at the astonishing behaviours different animals have evolved in order to survive and reproduce.
With an introduction by Bob McDonald, host of Quirks & Quarks.

About the Author

Bob McDonald is a well-known diesel engine expert. His is the owner of a diesel repair specialty shop and has more than 20 years experience repairing and rebuilding both gas and diesel engines of all kinds.

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Praise for The Quirks & Quarks Guide to Space:
"The perfect present for the mad scientist in your life."
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"Great beach reading."
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ISBN: 9780771079689
ISBN-10: 0771079680
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
Publication Date: April 13th, 2010
Pages: 274
Language: English