NHL Records Forever: Hockey's Unbeatable Achievements (Hardcover)

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Records Forever celebrates many of the NHL's most amazing stats, records and achievements. With a contemporary design and loads of incredible hockey photographs, this is a must-have for any hockey fan.

Hockey fans love records. They love to see what player holds the record for most points, most goals, the greatest number of assists and most amount of penalty minutes. True hockey fans pour over stats and player achievements for hours and enthusiastically await the opportunity to share their in-depth hockey knowledge with others. Each season, there is a new points leader and records created one year are surpassed another. But for some players and teams, their achievements are so great that their record is considered next to unbeatable. To better Wayne Gretzky's 2,857 career points for example would require that a player have 29 consecutive 100 point seasons. Unimaginable! How about the Buffalo Sabres scoring 9 goals in a single period - when will that happen again? Or George Hainsworth's 22 shut-outs in a single season - with today's sharpshooters, goalies are peppered with more shots than ever before and protecting a win, let alone a shutout, let alone 22 shutouts in a season, is an incredible challenge!

Records Forever is an exciting tribute to the thrilling sport of hockey. Designed with a flair for ease of access and to enthusiastically convey each record, this book will contain vibrant colours, splashed with NHL themes and logos, incredible photographs and fantastic hockey writing that will leave fans marveling over each record and applauding the players and teams for each of their incredible talents and achievements.

About the Author

ANDREW PODNIEKS is the "Globe and Mail "bestselling author of more than 50 works about hockey. A respected hockey insider, Podnieks is visible at most IIHF international hockey tournaments, where his reporting of the games and off-ice stories of the players, entertains hockey fans from around the globe. Podnieks' recent titles include: Retired Numbers; Canada's Olympic Hockey History, and Sid vs. Ovi." "Podnieks lives with his wife Jane in Toronto, Canada.
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ISBN: 9780771051036
ISBN-10: 0771051034
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
Publication Date: November 29th, 2011
Pages: 209
Language: English