Parenting an Only Child: A Guide to Diagnosing and Finding Help for Yoru Child's Reading Difficulties (Paperback)

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Is it possible to raise a contented only child? Can we be happy with only one child? The answer to both of these questions is a resounding yes.
In recent years, the number of couples choosing to have one child has risen sharply. Whether it's by choice or fate, having a single child presents unique considerations, opportunities, and advantages. Social psychologist Susan Newman, who has been studying single-child families since the 1980s, shatters the myths of the lonely, spoiled only child, and provides in-depth coverage of the critical issues including:
Making the right family size decision for you
Withstanding the pressure to have another
Maintaining a balance of power in a three-member household
Single-parenting the only child
Setting boundaries with a child who is used to having your undivided attention
Fostering high achievement, creativity, and independence in only children
The effects of having parents, instead of siblings, as role models
Confronting age-old only-child stereotypes
Building family networks and other support systems for the future
Presenting fascinating findings and family stories, Dr. Newman shares her knowledge and gives down-to-earth advice, making this the most accessible, up-to-date handbook of its kind. For couples who are already raising an only child, or for those who are exploring the option, Parenting an Only Child offers encouraging clarity and singular insight. Now with a new resource section.

About the Author

Susan Newman, Ph.D., is a social psychologist and the author of 15 nonfiction books about parenting and issues affecting family life. She taught at Rutgers University and is a featured speaker/workshop facilitator on family life and children's issues. Susan is the author of the classic book "Parenting the Only Child" and blogs for "Psychology Today" magazine. Visit the author at

Sharon Newman has written several books on quiltmaking and quilt history and is nationally recognized for her reproduction fabric lines from Moda(R) fabrics.

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