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The relationship established between man and bird is central to the ancient sport of falconry; to earn the trust of the bird, the falconer must show a great deal of patience, skill and intuition. This volume traces the history of falconry, providing a detailed guide as to how it is practised today. Emma Ford, a falconer since the age of six, describes the equipment required for the sport and, using photographs of the popular species, explains the characteristics that make them ideal hunting birds. With an emphasis on the contribution falconers make to the conservation of wild birds, this book is a complete guide to a sport that has remained largely unchanged for centuries.

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Ford opened the British School of Falconry in 1982 at Sterling Minnis in Kent, and opened the U.S. branch in Manchester, VT in 1995. She divides her time between England and the U.S.

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The author, vice-chair of the Scottish Falcon Board, introduces us to the history, equipment and techniques of this ancient sport. She reviews various species and their hunting characteristics, and includes information on conservation and breeding. Handsomely illustrated with color photos throughout, the book provides an index of additional resources including licensing, falconry courses and equipment suppliers." -Renaissance Magazine (August 2009)

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ISBN: 9780747806943
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Publisher: Shire Publications
Publication Date: April 21st, 2009
Pages: 48
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