The Golem's Eye (Compact Disc)

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Two years have passed since young apprentice magician Nathaniel became famous by foiling the ruthless Simon Lovelace. Now fourteen, Nathaniel is ambitiously climbing the ranks of the magicians’ government. The Prime Minister himself has placed Nathaniel in charge of capturing the Resistance, a group of unruly commoners working to undermine the magicians’ empire. But after several failed attempts, Nathaniel is forced to admit he can’t do it alone. With his career on the line, he reluctantly summons his only hope for success–the 5,000-year-old .

The duo is reunited just in time: the Resistance is growing more audacious than ever. And to make matters worse, a seemingly invulnerable clay golem is wreaking destruction throughout London, sending the entire city into pandemonium. With time running out, the young magician and his uncontrollable djinni must find the source of the golem’s power, a task they quickly learn will involve much more than they ever anticipated.

In the ensuing chaos, Nathaniel and Bartimaeus will be chased through the streets of Prague, hunt a dancing skeleton across London’s skyline, encounter the horror of the dreaded Night Police, and meet a surprising new ally. Together, these three will have to go heah-to-head with the fearsome golem before the mysterious identity of its master is finally revealed.

About the Author

Jonathan Stroud, a former children's book editor, has written several books for young adults in the United Kingdom, where he lives. Look for "The Amulet of Samarkand "and "Ptolemy's Gate," Books One and Three of the Bartimaeus trilogy, as well as "The Last Siege" on audio from Listening Library.
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ISBN: 9780739371350
ISBN-10: 0739371355
Publisher: Listening Library
Publication Date: January 13th, 2009
Language: English
Series: Bartimaeus Trilogy (Audio)