All's Fair: "Love, War and Running for President" (Paperback)

All's Fair:
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Never before has a more revealing X ray been taken of the modern American presidential campaign than this compelling memoir of the nation's foremost political operatives, Democrat James Carville and Republican Mary Matalin.
Not since Theodore White's legendary Making of the President series has a book on presidential campaigns so intimately recounted the power plays and clandestine maneuvers that are at the heart of American political dueling. James Cherville and Mary Matalin, themselves the key players at the center of the political battles and election headlines that gripped America, tell in candid, stunning detail of the day-by-day pressures, near disasters, and triumphs of campaign life; they take the reader deeper than ever before into the art of getting a president elected.
For anyone interested in politics and the way our nation chooses its leaders, All's Fair is a vital resource, and the most telling guide available to the inner workings of today's partisan conflict.

Praise For…

Robert Schmuhl
The Philadelphia Inquirer

The ultimate insider tale...takes the reader inside a presidential campaign as no other book has....Engrossing.

Peter Robinson
San Francisco Chronicle

Fascinating reading, conveying the intensity that presidential campaigns entail.

Walter Shapiro

A ruggedly honest look at the work and life of political operatives.

Gregory M. Lamb
Christian Science Monitor

Solid insights into real-life American politics. Readers who want to know how big-time political campaigns really operate get an inside look.

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ISBN: 9780684801339
ISBN-10: 0684801337
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: August 31st, 1995
Pages: 528
Language: English