Marie Curie: Honesty in Science (Paperback)

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Professional biographer Carl Rollyson has pioneered a new kind of biography for children and adults alike. His narrative of "Marie Curie's" life is rendered in simple, precise prose, but he also includes material addressed to adults--especially to parents who wish some guidance in discussing what their children read. This home schooling biography also includes a timeline, sources for further study, a glossary, and an index.

Vivid quotations from those who knew "Marie Curie" as well as a "points to ponder" section in each chapter are designed to provoke further discussion and research into the life and career of one of the century's greatest scientists and--as Rollyson shows--one of the most important figures in human history.

At a time when the ethics of science and of scientists has been called into question, Rollyson's searching examination of Madame Curie's methods and morality makes this a sharply focused and challenging biography.

The "Marie Curie" that emerges from this account is a woman of great integrity and self-discipline, acutely conscious of her historic role, keenly devoted to protecting her private life, and yet willing to shape her personality to the public roles demanded of her.

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ISBN: 9780595340590
ISBN-10: 0595340598
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: December 21st, 2004
Pages: 37
Language: English