Loving Each One Best: A Caring and Practical Approach to Raising Siblings (Paperback)

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All those baby boomers who have embarked on the journey of raising their second and third children have found themselves left in the lurch by existing child care literature. Now child care expert Nancy Samalin, who has earned a reputation for her forgiving and empowering approach to parenting, brings her inspiring outlook to this guide to the pitfalls and rewards of parenting two or more children.

Parents who consider themselves pros after the first child are in for a surprise when the encounter life after the second child is born and beyond. Suddenly their world is an exhausting haze of competing demands, perpetual squabbling, sibling rivalry, complaints of unfairness and "you love him more" (and sometimes you do), unrelenting stress, and a pervasive sense of guilt and inadequacy. Culled from her years of workshops with hundreds of parents, Nancy Samalin shares the trials and joys of parenthood and provides specific advice on steering your way through the parenting rapids. This is a must-read for today's harried parents.

About the Author

Nancy Samalin is the bestselling author of "Loving Your Child Is Not Enough, Love and Anger", and "Loving Each One Best". She is the founder and director of Parent Guidance Workshops. Samalin was a contributing editor to "Parents "magazine and is a regular guest on "Good Morning America," "Today," "20/20," and "Dateline NBC."

Catherine Whitney has cowritten numerous award-winning and bestselling nonfiction books.

Catherine Whitney is a New York-based writer who has written or cowritten more than forty books on a wide range of topics. She is the author of The Calling: A Year in the Life of an Order of Nuns and the coauthor with nine female U.S. senators of Nine and Counting: The Women of the Senate.
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