Chinese Cooking for Diamond Thieves (Paperback)

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Driving home after being kicked out of college, Tucker meets and picks up the mysterious Corinne Chang at a rest stop. Infatuated, and with nothing better to do, he ends up with her in St. Louis, where he gets a job as a chef in a Chinese restaurant. Even though he's a "gwai lo" a foreign devil his cooking skills impress the Chinese patrons of the restaurant, and his wooing skills impress Corinne when she joins him there as a waitress. But when Chinese gangsters show up demanding diamonds they believe Tucker's kind-of, sort-of, don t-call-her-a-girlfriend stole, he and his friends which luckily include a couple of FBI agents have to figure out just who is gunning for Corinne and how to stop them. Good thing Tucker is a Mandarin-speaking martial arts master who isn t afraid to throw the first punch.
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ISBN: 9780547973319
ISBN-10: 0547973314
Publisher: Mariner Books
Publication Date: July 8th, 2014
Pages: 278
Language: English