Beaded Bands: Super Stylish Bracelets Made Simple [With Custom Loom and Beads] (Paperback)

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Klutz brings you totally fashionable bracelets that are totally easy to make. With the included loom, beads, cord, needle and thread, you've got a craft kit that will let you make a wardrobe of beautifully beaded bands. Show off your jewelry-making skills with an armful of bracelets that can be worn wrapped, stacked, or stylishly solo. Any way you wear them, you'll be a glittering success.
Comes with: 60 page book, custom loom, 900+ glass and specialty beads, closure beads, cord, beading thread, 3 needles.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780545449342
Publisher: Klutz
Publication Date: August 27th, 2012
Pages: 59