Gotcha Gadgets [With Circuit Board W/Speaker, Switches, Clips, Pins] (Hardcover)

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This set of customizable gizmos includes a book of games, pranks, and jokes that make the most of them. The 16 different sound-and-gizmo combinations offer limitless opportunities for immature humor. Follow simple instructions to wire a door alarm, motion sensor, light sensor, or push-button device; then program it with one of four funny sounds.
Comes With: circuit board, speaker, LED, battery clip, photoresistor, switches, project wires, alligator clip, gadget dock, gadget case, 4 gadget covers, 2 doorbell hangers, 2 door alarm hangers
-Create wonderful things - Be good - Have fun

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ISBN: 9780545449335
ISBN-10: 0545449332
Publisher: Klutz
Publication Date: October 2012
Pages: 32
Language: English