Clotel, Or, the President's Daughter (Paperback)

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The first novel by an African-American, this dramatic tale revolves around the fate of a child fathered by Thomas Jefferson with one of his slaves. Although born into slavery, author William Wells Brown escaped bondage to become a prominent reformer and historian. His emotionally powerful depiction of slavery and racial conflict in the antebellum South resounds with the immediacy and honesty of his own experiences. Brown weaves a variety of contemporary sources -- sermons, lectures, political pamphlets, and newspaper advertisements -- into this innovative work, which appears here in an unabridged republication of the 1853 first edition.

About the Author

William Wells Brown (18141884) was born a slave, escaped to the North and then to England, and became one of the most prominent abolitionists of his time. During his prolific literary career, Brown was a pioneer in several different genres, including travel writing, fiction, and drama.

M. Giulia Fabi is the author of "Passing and the Rise of the African American Novel," She teaches American literature at the University of Ferrara, Italy.

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ISBN: 9780486438597
ISBN-10: 0486438597
Publisher: Dover Publications
Publication Date: October 2004
Pages: 151
Language: English