Man Who Was Late (Paperback)

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"Begley writes with a contemplative wisdom that permeates his work.... He] has captured some of the wispy melancholy of midcentury fiction, and this feat in itself is mellifluous to both ear and spirit."
A man without a country or family, a Holocaust survivor, Ben long ago left the wreckage of Europe and recreated himself as a brilliant financier. He rejects the comforts of love and is shocked to discover Veronique--beautiful, unwisely married, and all that Ben suddenly knows he has always needed. In their stolen hours and weekends, their deep commitment to one another fills their lives as nothing ever has. But the question remains: Can Ben finally take what he has always denied himself...?
From the author of WARTIME LIES.
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ISBN: 9780449909119
ISBN-10: 0449909115
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Publication Date: April 12th, 1994
Pages: 256
Language: English