The Billion Dollar Game: Behind-the-Scenes of the Greatest Day In American Sport - Super Bowl Sunday (Hardcover)

The Billion Dollar Game: Behind-the-Scenes of the Greatest Day In American Sport - Super Bowl Sunday Cover Image
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One hundred million spectators.
An economic footprint larger than the GDP of 25 nations.
Zero room for error.

An inside view of the 365 days leading up to the greatest event in American sport.

More Americans watch the Super Bowl than vote in presidential elections. Cities compete for the lucrative rights to host a game, and ad agencies, merchandisers, security personnel, and celebrity party planners quarterback their own teams starting a year in advance. Super Bowl Sunday is a national holiday for sports fans, who purchase 1.5 million large-screen TVs in the week before the game, attend one of 7.5 million parties, and eat more food than on any day other than Thanksgiving (according to the California Avocado Commission, Americans consume more than eight million pounds of guacamole on this single day).

In THE BILLION DOLLAR GAME, New York Times bestselling author Allen St. John gets rare access to the people and corporations that mastermind this iconic event. He goes into the FOX Sports broadcast booth with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, and the longtime director/producer team of Artie Kempner and Richie Zyontz. St. John gets a front-row seat in the Madison Avenue conference rooms where the massive Anheuser-Busch campaign is being tested in focus groups, and he takes readers behind-the-scenes with stadium architect Peter Eisenman, and the billion-dollar deals brokered in Phoenix preceding Super Bowl XLII. Covering the political snafus, the organizational nightmares, and the well-oiled hype machine, St. John weaves a fascinating portrait of the National Football League and the Super Bowl – and examines how all the elements miraculously come together to create the biggest cultural phenomenon in American sport.

Praise For…

“After reading The Billion Dollar Game, you speak the language of the Super Bowl in a different way. You start sliding out facts and anecdotes, behind-the-scenes nuggets about camera angles, stadium construction, halftime shows, party planning and guacamole consumption—all the really interesting stuff that the general sports fan never glimpses. You’ll want to thank Allen St. John for writing a terrific book.”
—Leigh Montville, New York Times bestselling author of The Big Bam and The Mysterious Montague

“If anyone knows how to write an inside account of a big-time American sporting event, it’s Allen St. John. The Billion Dollar Game is a riveting, fun, behind-the-scenes account . . . it shows you the Super Bowl like you’ve never seen it.”
—Christopher Russo, host of Mad Dog Unleashed and New York Times bestselling author of The Greatest Sports Arguments of All Time

“Illuminating….An insider’s look at a billion-dollar industry and a game that is much more than just a game.”
--Sports Illustrated

"St. John's narrative is laced with intimate portraits and fresh figures–did you know the resale value of a stadium's worth of tickets exceeds $500 million, or that Americans consume eight million pounds of guacamole on game day?–that enliven the organizational challenge of carrying off the world's biggest bash without a hitch."

“[Allen St. John] looks at the Super Bowl from a non-football money weaves through all of it in making this a billion dollar event.”
--Dallas Morning News

“It’s an absorbing, thorough look at the people and corporations that make the game possible.”
--Tampa Bay Tribune Online

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ISBN: 9780385523547
Publisher: Doubleday
Publication Date: January 6th, 2009
Pages: 272