The Mating Mind: How Sexual Choice Shaped the Evolution of Human Nature (Paperback)

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At once a pioneering study of evolution and an accessible and lively reading experience, The Mating Mind marks the arrival of a prescient and provocative new science writer. Psychologist Geoffrey Miller offers the most convincing–and radical–explanation for how and why the human mind evolved.

Consciousness, morality, creativity, language, and art: these are the traits that make us human. Scientists have traditionally explained these qualities as merely a side effect of surplus brain size, but Miller argues that they were sexual attractors, not side effects. He bases his argument on Darwin’s theory of sexual selection, which until now has played second fiddle to Darwin’s theory of natural selection, and draws on ideas and research from a wide range of fields, including psychology, economics, history, and pop culture. Witty, powerfully argued, and continually thought-provoking, The Mating Mind is a landmark in our understanding of our own species.

About the Author

Geoffrey F. Miller lehrt und forscht am Centre for Economic Learning and Social Evolution am University College in London. Der 1965 in Cincinnati geborene Evolutionspsychologe studierte an der Columbia University und promovierte an der Stanford University in Kognitionspsychologie, ehe er nach Europa ging. Vor seinem Wechsel nach London war er an den Universit??ten von Sussex und Nottingham sowie dem Max-Planck-Institut f??r psychologische Forschung in M??nchen t??tig. Seine Forschungsarbeiten stehen in der Tradition von Wissenschaftlern wie Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett und Steven Pinker und haben erhebliche Aufmerksamkeit in den Medien gewonnen. Miller lebt mit seiner Familie in Surrey.

Praise For…

“Quite ingenious stuff…. This is a welcome change from a lot of evolutionary psychology."–The New York Times Book Review

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ISBN: 9780385495172
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Publisher: Anchor Books
Publication Date: April 17th, 2001
Pages: 528
Language: English