Bulu: African Wonder Dog (Paperback)

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Fans of narrative non-fiction, true dog stories, and African wildlife will want to check out "Bulu "
Born on a crocodile farm in Zambia's untamed South Luangwa Valley, the puppy seemed different from his littermates. Too quiet. Unresponsive. Terriers are usually full of energy and bouncing off walls. But not this one. Nobody wanted him. Enter Anna and Steve Tolan former police officers who had left behind their life in England to live in the African bush. People thought the Tolans were a bit different, too. The peculiar puppy suited them perfectly. They named him Bulu, or "wild dog" in the local Nyanja language.
Living in the bush, Bulu not only found his voice, he also found his calling as a foster parent to the orphaned baby animals including warthogs, monkeys, elephants, baboons, bushbucks, and buffalo cared for by the Tolans. But Bulu's protective nature led him into terrifying situations in the wild. It's a miracle he survived But survive he did, disarming people with his wacky ways and nurturing once-unwanted creatures like him until they too could be set free. Bulu's story is a joyful confirmation of dogs as unique spirits, capable of love, compassion, and bravery.
Packed with vivid descriptions of encounters with crocodiles, lions, leopards, poisonous snakes, armed poachers, and more and illustrated throughout with black-and-white photographs "Bulu: African Wonder Dog" is a great resource for meeting Common Core State Standards that will be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

"From the Hardcover edition.

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ISBN: 9780375847240
ISBN-10: 0375847243
Publisher: Yearling Books
Publication Date: May 10th, 2011
Pages: 323
Language: English