Cracking the AP World History Exam, 2012 Edition (Paperback)

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If you need to know it, it’s in this book. Cracking the AP World History, 2012 Edition, includes:
   • 2 full-length practice tests, fully updated for the May 2012 Exam
   • Comprehensive review of all topics from prehistoric times to the present
   • Timelines, summaries, and key term lists in every chapter
   • Helpful strategies for writing high-scoring DBQ and free-response essays
   • Advice on how to use Process of Elimination to maximize your multiple-choice section score
   • Updated strategies which reflect the AP test scoring change
   • Detailed explanations for every practice question

Product Details
ISBN: 9780375427244
Publisher: Princeton Review
Publication Date: August 2nd, 2011
Pages: 416