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Shawn Phillips is an internationally respected strength and fitness expert who has helped athletes, celebrities, and tens of thousands of others over the past twenty years. Now he's sharing his fresh approach to fitness with everyone. Strength for Life is an easy-to-implement program to help you get in fantastic shape, enjoy abundant energy, and maintain a lean, strong physique-not just for 12 weeks but for the rest of your life.
Let's face it, with the demands of family, work, and life, many of us simply don't have the time to stick to a rigorous workout schedule. Through his own life experience, Shawn Phillips has recognized this challenge and risen to it, literally reinventing fitness with a results-oriented program that you can embrace even with your hectic schedule and do either at home or at the gym. Homing in on the idea of building mental and physical strength rather than just sculpting your body, Shawn has pioneered a technique called Focus Intensity Training (TM) (FIT), which uses the mind-body connection to yield incredible results. The program features
- a workout plan that can take as little as 35 minutes a day, 3 times a week
- illustrated exercises with clear step-by-step instructions
- 3 workout phases-a 12-day Base Camp pre-training period, a 12-week Transformation Camp, and a year-round continuation plan geared to keep you going strong and vibrant for the rest of your life
- a simple eating plan to fuel your body for optimum energy and performance-one that will free you from dieting forever
- goal-setting exercises to help you achieve lasting motivation and reach your loftiest visions
It's never too late to get in shape. If you're in your twenties or thirties, Strength for Life will show you how to achieve peak levels of fitness year after year. For those forty and beyond, you can look forward to recapturing the energy and vitality you thought you had lost. By following Strength for Life, you will make yourself stronger, leaner, sharper, and more confident. As Shawn writes: "Strength is about being more, doing more, giving more. It's not just surviving; it's thriving. And most important, strength is about having a reserve, a deeper, fuller capacity of body, mind, heart, and soul.

About the Author

SHAWN PHILLIPS: "The Philosopher of Fit" "Your body is strong and vital not because you train; rather you train to celebrate your strength and vitality," says The Philosopher of Fit, Shawn Phillips. A deep thinker with a knack for making the complex simple, Shawn's rebelled against the terror of mediocrity since he was a child. Revered for his lean, balanced physique and perfect six-pack abs, Shawn has amassed a lifetime of experience as he enters his third decade as one of the most respected names in the health and fitness world. Author of the best-selling books, ABSolution and Strength for Life, as well as thousands of articles on health, fitness, nutrition, mindset, motivation, and more, Shawn brings unique perspective and depth to the questions most fear to ask. Integrating body, mind and soul, Shawn's "Zen of Strength" practice features the techniques of Focus Intensity Training (FIT), which blends the intensity of martial arts, the mindfulness of yoga with the muscle of strength training. Alongside his brother, Bill, Shawn was instrumental in the explosive success of EAS and the Body-for-LIFE movement. He pioneered the computerized strength system, Powerbuilding, launched an online supplement knowledge base, and is the founder of the "lifestyle nutrition" company, Full Strength Nutrition-which helps men live freer, clearer and stronger in the prime of life. One of the most photographed physiques of a generation, best known for his symmetry and signature abs, Shawn is better known by family, friends and associates for his radical insight, inspiring vision, relentless humor and a passion for helping people live great lives.

Pete Williams is a contributing writer to Street & Smith s "SportsBusiness Journal" and is the author or co-author of eight books, including the Rodale titles "Core Performance, Core" "Performance Essentials, Core Performance Endurance, " and "Fun Is Good." He lives in Safety Harbor, Florida.

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Advance praise for Strength for Life

“Strength training is unsurpassed in its ability to create superbly sculpted muscles and increase balance, strength, and stamina while ridding the body of unwanted fat. Shawn Phillips has developed an outstanding holistic program that will help you to reach these goals quickly–regardless of age or current fitness level. His unique mind-body approach keeps you constantly motivated, enabling you to achieve true strength for life.”
–Nicholas Perricone, M.D., F.A.C.N., author of The Perricone Weight-Loss Diet

“This is the first book to take you through a 12-week transformation and beyond. It’s like finally hearing the rest of the story. In week 13 and afterward, you set yourself for a lifetime of strength and fitness.”
–Lynn Lingenfelter, 1997 Body-for-LIFE co-grand champion

“Strength for Life is truly fantastic! This is a book and a message that every single person can identify with and be inspired by.”
–Larry North, founder, Larry North Fitness Clubs

“Do you want to be in control of your life? If you do, the answers are in the pages of Strength for Life. This book illustrates the difference between exercise and training. Now my mind is right and my body is ready, and so far each session has been more productive. It reminded me of why we seek to be fit, and seek the ultimate goal of our lives.”
–G. Porter Freeman, 1997 Body-for-LIFE co-grand champion

“Strength for Life is a superb handbook on physical transformation, leading to a complete life transformation, a novel and tremendously effective technique. Highly recommended!”
–Ken Wilber, author of The Integral Vision

“Shawn Phillips is the epitome of form following function. There is no need to suffer through exercise when you hack away the inessentials and focus on what really matters: Strength.”
–Timothy Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek

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