The Abominable (Large Print / Hardcover)

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"For people who are inclined to skip forewords: Don't do it with this one!
It's fairly lengthy, at over 20 pages, but I found it fascinating, as
an introduction to the story to come. Then I got to the end of it,
thunked myself on the head, and thought, 'Hey--you were just screwing
with my head!' Happily, when it's all in good fun, I sometimes like
having my head screwed with.
Simmons sets up The Abominable, an adventure tale of the early
days of (Westerners') Himalayan exploration, as the work of a man he
met in a nursing home, as he neared the end of his life. What follows is
ostensibly the manuscript Jake Perry was inspired to write, after
talking to Simmons. My skeptical side is pretty sure the writing is pure
Dan Simmons. After all, the book is subtitled 'A Novel,' not 'Some
Other Guy's Memoir That Fell into My Lap through Unlikely
Circumstances'! But as dubious as I was from the beginning, I have to
admire the masterful way the plot unfolds as a possible--just
possible--piece of previously unrevealed history, and I closed the book
with a pleasurable sense of 'What If?' Which I suppose is a hallmark of
good fiction." ~Hank

— Hank is our operations man & an avid mystery lover


ALA Reading List Award for History, Short List
A thrilling tale of high-altitude death and survival set on the snowy summits of Mount Everest, from the bestselling author of The Terror
It's 1924 and the race to summit the world's highest mountain has been brought to a terrified pause by the shocking disappearance of George Mallory and Sandy Irvine high on the shoulder of Mt. Everest. By the following year, three climbers -- a British poet and veteran of the Great War, a young French Chamonix guide, and an idealistic young American -- find a way to take their shot at the top. They arrange funding from the grieving Lady Bromley, whose son also disappeared on Mt. Everest in 1924. Young Bromley must be dead, but his mother refuses to believe it and pays the trio to bring him home.
Deep in Tibet and high on Everest, the three climbers -- joined by the missing boy's female cousin -- find themselves being pursued through the night by someone . . . or something. This nightmare becomes a matter of life and death at 28,000 feet - but what is pursuing them? And what is the truth behind the 1924 disappearances on Everest? As they fight their way to the top of the world, the friends uncover a secret far more abominable than any mythical creature could ever be. A pulse-pounding story of adventure and suspense, The Abominable is Dan Simmons at his spine-chilling best.

About the Author

Dan Simmons is a recipient of numerous major international awards, including the Hugo Award, World Fantasy Awards, Bram Stoker Awards, and the Shirley Jackson Award. He is widely considered to be one of the premier multiple-genre fiction writers in the world. His novels include the" New York Times" bestseller" The Terror, Drood", and "Black Hills". He lives along the Front Range in Colorado and has never grown tired of the views.
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