Journey to the Center of the Earth/Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea/Round the World in Eighty Days (Hardcover)

By Jules Verne, Tim Farrant (Introduction by)
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Jules Verne's most beloved novels are gathered here in one hardcover volume: three thrilling tales of fabulous journeys under, through, and around the earth.
Verne was one of the great pioneers of science fiction. Born in France in 1828, he wrote brilliantly about space, air, and underwater travel long before airplanesand space ships had been invented, and he is still one of the most widely read internationally of all science-fiction writers.
But beyond charting new territory for adventurous fiction, his creations have entered our culture and taken on the magnitude and vitality of myth. It is hard to imagine anyone who has not heard of Captain Nemo and his giant submarine exploring the ruins of Atlantis in "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, " Phileas Fogg's frantic race around the world by every means of transportation in "Round the World in Eighty Days, " and the harrowing descent through a volcanic crater to underground caverns where prehistoric creatures roam in "Journey to the Center of the Earth." These stories have seized the imaginations of readers for generations and are as vivid and exciting now as when their author first imagined traveling beyond the bounds of the possible.
Translated by Henry Frith
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About the Author

Jules Verne was a French writer and pioneer of the science fiction genre through novels like Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Around the World in Eighty Days, A Journey to the Center of the Earth, and The Mysterious Island. A visionary, Verne wrote about air, space, and underwater travel long before the ability to travel in these realms was invented, and his works remain amongst the most translated, most continually reprinted, and most widely read books of all time. Jules Verne died in 1905 having paved the way for future science fiction writers and enthusiasts.

Tim Farrant is Fellow and Tutor and CUF Lecturer in French at Pembroke College, Oxford.

Praise For…

“The tension between the armchair and adventure, between security and possibility, lies at the heart of Verne, as of his age—an age of scientific, technical, industrial, colonial expansion, but also of questioning and reverie . . . The template of Verne’s great novels [is] a fusing of myth and the real; a new, modern, awestruck apprehension of the man-made and the natural; a dream—yet sometimes nightmare—of the possibilities of mankind, technology and the sublime.”
—from the Introduction by Tim Farrant

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