Nothing (Compact Disc)

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A story about everything and nothing, a boy in a plum tree, and a 7th grade no longer sure that anything means anything.

"The novel asks the immense existential questions of the meaning of life. With its unusual, rhythmic and tightly composed language it is an amazing piece of work, which teasingly, grippingly and thrillingly depicts the quest of a group of children to proving to themselves and other people that something matters in life."

“A youth novel in Nobel Prize class.”
Lena Kjersén Edman, Sweden

"Janne Teller has written a novel about nothing less than the meaning of life. This book makes a deep impression on the reader and incites continued reflection." The Danish Cultural Minister.


About the Author

After working at the United Nations in conflict resolution, Janne Teller became a full-time novelist. Since her debut novel "Odin's Island," she has published "The Trampling "Cat, "Come, "and other books that have been translated into many languages. "Nothing "is her first young adult novel. She divides her time between Copenhagen, New York, and Paris.
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ISBN: 9780307942357
ISBN-10: 030794235X
Publisher: Listening Library
Publication Date: September 13th, 2011
Language: English