Let the Eastern Bastards Freeze in the Dark: The West Versus the Rest Since Confederation (Hardcover)

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The oil sands. Global warming. The National Energy Program. Though these seem like modern Canadian subjects, author Mary Janigan reveals them to be a legacy of longstanding regional rivalry. Something of a "Third Solitude" since entering Confederation, the West has long been overshadowed by Canada's other great national debate: but as the conflict over natural resources and their effect on climate change heats up, 150 years of antipathy are coming to a head. Janigan takes readers back to a pivotal moment in 1918, when Canada's western premiers descended on Ottawa determined to control their own future--and as Margaret MacMillan did in Paris 1919, she deftly illustrates how the results reverberate to this day.

About the Author

MARY JANIGAN is a journalist who has written extensively about Canadian public policy, including politics and economics, for the Toronto Star, Maclean's and the Globe and Mail. She has won the prestigious Hy Solomon award for policy analysis, and the National Newspaper Award for her clause-by-clause scrutiny of proposed Constitution changes. She has never lost her curiosity, and she has always wanted to understand how the blunders and triumphs of the past complicate the present. She lives in Toronto, but travels as much as she can, at the flicker of a passport.

Praise For…

A Maclean’s Best Book [2012]
WINNER 2013 – John W. Dafoe Book Prize for Non-Fiction
FINALIST 2012 – Donner Prize
LONGLISTED 2014 – RBC Taylor Prize

“Entertaining and informative…. Janigan’s technique of focusing on this crucial 1918 conference is effective…. Mary Janigan knows politics and how they play out in federal-provincial relations. A well-regarded journalist and a former Globe and Mail editorial writer, she has covered many federal-provincial conferences…. Janigan’s eye for detail extends to context as well as personality…. The North today, like the West in 1930, wants control over its land and resources. Janigan’s book is a blueprint for how this last vestige of Canadian colonialism can be ended.”
The Globe and Mail
“Timely relevance to the issues that are as ever present as they were in the 1870s…. The author meticulously explores Canada’s history and how the fight for resource control is traced back to Confederation.”
Rocky Mountain Outlook
Let the Eastern Bastards Freeze in the Dark is a necessary and timely addition to the ongoing debate around the current rise of the West and its conservative brand of politics.”
Toronto Star
“A very interesting and readable book.”
The Chronicle Herald
“Mary Janigan has done all Canadians a service with her exhaustive, but never exhausting, dissection of the fight for control of land and natural resources in the West.”
Winnipeg Free Press
“An entertaining history of Western alienation in Canada, more than ever an important and little-understood driver of national politics.”
“Does more than explain the region’s ongoing alienation. It explains just about everything you need to know about how Canadians think about one another.”

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ISBN: 9780307400628
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Publisher: Knopf Canada
Publication Date: November 6th, 2012
Pages: 426
Language: English