The Smart Cookies' Guide to Couples and Money: Earn More, Argue Less, Achieve the Life You Want Together (Paperback)

The Smart Cookies' Guide to Couples and Money: Earn More, Argue Less, Achieve the Life You Want Together Cover Image
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This hip and accessible guide addresses all of the nagging money questions and thorny situations that come up when you're in a relationship, whether you're just starting to get serious or you're already married.

This book gives couples the perfect excuse to break the silence and start talking about… money! Staying on top of your finances when you're single can be tough enough - add another person to the mix and it can seem downright daunting. Even if you've got your own finances in order, there are inevitable money issues that come up when you're part of a couple, not just because one of you may be in better shape financially than the other, but because you may each have very different perspectives on money and how to manage it.

The principles the Cookies set out in their first book about the basics of life planning and investing can work for couples, too, and this guide offers simple techniques that will help readers with everything from dealing with "money baggage" to getting out of debt to planning for retirement. Again they draw practical advice and meaty anecdotes from their own financial escapades, as well as readers' queries and the personal experiences of five focus couples.

About the Author

Betsy Byars is the author of many novels for children, including Good-bye, Chicken Little, The Golly Sisters Go West, and Hooray for the Golly Sisters! She lives in Clemson, South Carolina.

Jennifer Barrett has done much work in clay and cell animation for commercial and industrial film. The Seven Treasure Hunts is the first book she has illustrated for children. She lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Praise For…

"The book goes well beyond how to avoid bickering over bills and also includes tools, techniques and strategies — such as the Perfect Day exercise — that couples can use to realize their dreams, whether it's buying a home, starting a family or planning for retirement."
Winnipeg Free Press

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ISBN: 9780307357991
ISBN-10: 0307357996
Publisher: Vintage Books Canada
Publication Date: December 28th, 2010
Pages: 220
Language: English